Enforcing the rules of the forum

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Enforcing the rules of the forum

Post  Rimuto on Sun Nov 03, 2013 7:18 pm

There are here to comply the Rule:

TotalCrank wrote:''Only public release's are allowed. No release's with "Downloadlink on PM".
please you guys should edit our post and put a free link.

without complying with this rule, your post will be removed.

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Re: Enforcing the rules of the forum

Post  sloba_986 on Sun Nov 03, 2013 11:49 pm

12. Releases should be completed and tested.

My favorite rule...
By that applyes working sounds,fixed uv maps,properly arranged qc with working muzzleflash,shelleject...In short terms,skin should work perfectly in game without any bugs,not just look pretty in hlmv...
Be carefull what youre uploading,test youre releases in game before you upload it,and make sure it's compiled properly with the things i mentioned above.Follow these small rulles,otherwise...Youre future releases will be monitored and some of it wont be tolerated anymore.For any of you who are willing to help us improving this comunity,bringing the releases to a higher level (which is my personal priority),tutorials will be available in near future,until then feel free to ask for assistence.

It's time to do it properly,or not do it at all xDDD

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