FIFA 11 DEMO review

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FIFA 11 DEMO review

Post  Sh0n3x on Sat Sep 18, 2010 2:09 am


+ High resolution textures

+ Great lightning system.

+ Using of bloom and blur.

+ Normals and specular maps

+ Very detailed models with alot of polys.

- Players that don't have a custom face look really bad. Not even close to what they look in real life. You could mod faces in PES which I did (over 400 new faces through patch) but I doubt FIFA will give us that option. I hope EA adds as much of custom faces as they can. (Di Maria, Benayoun, Kakuta, Khedira, Van der Vaart really need to get their face).

Overall all, graphics amazed me 9.8/10


EA always has nice menu music and they'll probably let us pick our music in the final game release.

+ Commentaries are really good. You can hear commentators talking about the club you're playing with for example, or talking about a certain players, and you really need to spend some time playing to get the repetitive feel.

+ I like the player names announcement at the beginning of the match and when they score goals.

I can't think of anything bad for the sounds, so 10/10


+ It looks realistic and very fluid. You can move wherever you want (unlike is PES sometimes) and GKs react as they should be and don't make stupid mistakes. Shooting system and dribbling system are really good with a lot of great animations. The gameplay may be a bit fast on normal but you can change it.

+ Arena mod is really cool, and I spent alot of time messing around in it practicing awesome feints and my shooting skills.

+ You can also change pass, shot, lob, cross from assisted to semi or manual to make the game harder and more realistic. Changing pass to manual basically makes you send the ball wherever you push the analog stick, but I found it a bit too hard so I switched to semi. Same applies to shot.

- The GKs don't come out and charge you as much as they should since EA fixed the FIFA10 prob that was there, and chip shot seems to be waay to hard to do.

Overall, great animations, very fluid gameplay, referees never cheat you, 360 dribbling, battling for the ball make me give this game a 9.5/10 for it's gameplay.
Thank you EA for giving us 6 clubs to play with unlike PES who gave only 2 not evenly matched and not rated properly in my opinion.

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Re: FIFA 11 DEMO review

Post  jhonnydeep on Wed Sep 22, 2010 11:14 am

A good one ., thanks for sharing....


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