Decompiling L4D2 skins

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Decompiling L4D2 skins

Post  MrKarma4ya on Sun Mar 30, 2014 11:07 pm

So today I tried to convert a skin from L4D2 section of gamebanana. I extracted the required files and folders from the vpk file using gcfscape. But when I tried to decompile using mdldecompiler, it gave me an error"No reference model". I duplicated the vtx files and renamed them accordingly but in vain.
Then I searched the internet for solution and downloaded crowbar decompiler software. It decompiled the model but the reference model and most animations were missing. Only idle animations were present, there were five idle animations. Any suggestions as to how I can decompile it properly?

The skin I was trying to decompile it is here. I wanted the one with reflex sight.
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