GTA San Andreas + ENB series + SAMP (San Andreas multiplayer)

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GTA San Andreas + ENB series + SAMP (San Andreas multiplayer)

Post  Sh0n3x on Wed Jul 28, 2010 4:28 am

GTA San Andreas is a very old game I agree, but with a few modifications you can have ALOT of fun with it. Here, I will help you out a bit.

First you will need SA installed of course. Legal/illegal doesn't matter. Only important is that version is 1.0
You can download SA from here.

Once installed and running you can install ENB Series mod. If you dunno what that does..well check the vid and you'll now.
BE AWARE, you need a GOOD PC for this. If you experience low FPS, lower your resolution, turn anti-aliasing OFF and lower DRAW DISTANCe DOWNLOAD

And finally, you need SAMP to play SA in MP. Get it here

There are alot of servers around (1006 at the moment which aren't empty, passworded and full) so you'll certainly find one you like.

Server admins use server scripts so you have commands in game for many teleports around instead of driving like a idiot, you have modified maps with jumps and all other stuff I can't write at the moment.

Anyway I think you will like it.

I'm admin on 1 great server so if someone decides to play I'll give him the IP for that serv (which is down for a moment now).


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