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Wolf Team (Online Game)

Post  Ghost P. on Sat Jul 24, 2010 2:33 pm

The Mutation

A few years ago, genetic mutations were found in which several people appeared to have a similar base arrangement to wolves. While it is unknown how many of these mutations appeared in the populace, government and newspaper reports recording similar evidence of "large hairy monsters" have lead researchers to believe that the initial number of people appearing with the mutation to be in the hundreds. It is unclear however, how many were a result of environmental conditions or possibly underground experiments done on human victims. Initial sightings of people suffering from these mutations were mostly at night, feeding from nearby towns, especially livestock and house pets. Few human victims were reported but of those found, most had a weapon or were reported to antagonized the creatures before being killed. The victims of the creatures were mutilated almost beyond recognition, often being torn to ribbons and the remains strewn across the area, if a body was even left at the scene. It was more common for the body to be carried away leaving only pools of blood and signs of struggle. Large piles of bones and carcasses of animals possibly killed by these creatures were found in secluded places, including caves and abandoned homes. Early attempts by newspapers and reporters to identify the creatures attacking identified them as wolves or bears from their hairy appearance and ability to move on their hind legs for extended periods of time. Some attempts to capture the creatures resulted in failures while others were found butchered the next morning. By the time the government had stepped in, analysts tallied the total value of the destroyed property and livestock just over half a billion dollars. Towns with a creature problem who reported the monsters were quietly occupied by the military and shortly there after the creatures' attacks stopped. It is believed at this time that the monsters were captured by the government and taken to laboratories for experimentation and these early creatures lead to the Wolf Team being established a year later.

System Requirements:



[NOTE: This gameplay is from Christmas 2009(Wolfs are wearing Christmas hats,it was having funny gifts then xD),Now the whole wolfteam style is changed]

#You can find everything about Wolf Team here.
#Official Site: Wolf Team
#Free download: Download WolfTeam

You must create an account to play.To do that,just go to the Official Site and click the register button.

Oh yeah,I almost forgot.If ANYONE is going to play,can find me there by the nickname:IceFlaming
Very Happy lol!
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