Help Required !!!

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Help Required !!!

Post  motanel on Thu Feb 21, 2013 7:12 am

Ok so here's the thing, some of u boys and girls who are by origin from Korea/Japan/China i require some help, that would mean if u're serious and wanting to help me.This mean that u download some games for me that are in a language i don't know and i can't figure it out how in the world to login and download them, now the games are free so yeah ... i can manage in english,spanish,italian,french,german,roumanian and that's just about it ... so only in those languages, in others it's all a big void .... so PM if u want to help me ... Reason !!! Well i'll port all the weapons from those .

Here's an example of one of the games i want to port all the weapons from it and also with their original animations ... so yeah forget about the cod/moh crap ... those are history

Watch this :

PM here

Also why in teh world not having this in CSS or CS or CSGO ?

SO pm if u're takin' this seriously, i don't like jokers and idiots, so pm if u want and know how to help me, bye and thanks !


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