Counter-Strike 2D [INFO]

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Counter-Strike 2D [INFO]

Post  trikz on Sun Oct 07, 2012 8:29 pm

What's Counter-Strike 2D?
Counter-Strike 2D is more than just a freeware clone of the well known game Counter-Strike! Experience the popular multiplayer shooter in a top-down 2D perspective or accomplish new missions like capture the flag or domination! Use a huge arsenal of weapons and equipment including crazy new stuff like portal guns, lasers, RPGs, turrets and much more! Get CS2D now and play it for free! Online! On Windows, Linux or Mac, the initial idea of Counter-Strike 2D was to create a game which is pretty much like the original Counter-Strike game by Valve® Software but which is 2D in a top-down persepective. This goal has been reached by implementing all original Counter-Strike weapons with their original sounds, by adding the well known hostage rescue (CS) and bomb defuse (DE) scenarios (+the VIP (AS) mode which has been removed from the original Counter-Strike already) and finally by creating 2D versions of the most popular Counter-Strike maps.

A FREE 2D Variant

Everyone can download and play Counter-Strike 2D for free within a few minutes! You do not have to own any Valve® game and Steam® is not required! Counter-Strike 2D has a very small download size and low system requirements! Great fun, easy and fast access!


Counter-Strike 2D offers many additional items, game modes and features which do not exist in the original Counter-Strike. So it is actually much more than just a 2D version of Counter-Strike! When you start a game you can choose to make it a normal CS-like game or you can select another game mode like Construction, Zombies or Deathmatch! Crazy weapons like the portal gun, an airstrike, lasers, RPGs, grenade launchers and many more are included! Furthermore there is a very easy to use but yet powerful map editor which allows you to create your own maps. Therefore there are countless CS2D maps available on the internet! Still not enough? Write Lua scripts to extend and modify the game or use the existing scripts!

Key Features:


Fast paced and tactical gaming similar to Counter-Strike
Chat & original Counter-Strike radio messages
Fog of war only lets you see enemies in your field of view (optional)
Bots (AI) available for on- and offline gaming (Lua scripted)
Serverlist with sorting, filters, Internet servers, LAN servers and favorites
Friends system and authentication (U.S.G.N.)
Listen servers (win, linux, mac) and dedicated servers (win, linux)
Spraylogo-, map- and filetransfer
RCon (remote control) for servers
Voting, kicking, banning, mapcycles and many settings
Server player ranking and stats (in-game and as HTML output)

Game Modes

Standard (normal Counter-Strike)
Team Deathmatch
Map Types With Special Goals
DE: bomb defuse (Standard)
CS: hostage rescue (Standard)
AS: VIP assassination (Standard)
CTF: capture the flag (Team Deathmatch / Construction)
DOM: domination (Team Deathmatch / Construction)

Weapons & Items

ALL original Counter-Strike weapons, including the tactical shield, using original sounds
Different armors (including a medic armor and a stealth armor)
Medikits & bandages
Money items
Close combat: machete, wrench, claw, chainsaw
Special "grenades": flare, molotov cocktail, gas grenade, airstrike, snowball
Launchers: RPG launcher, rocket launcher, grenade launcher
Mines: mines, laser mines
And more: flamethrower, laser, portal gun, ...

Create & Extend

Sounds and graphics can be replaced
Create and use your own spraylogos
Easy to use map editor
Entity & trigger system
Server-sided Lua script system allows to modify and extend the gameplay
Console & buy scripts like the original Counter-Strike


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Re: Counter-Strike 2D [INFO]

Post  {- -}Filipe! _ !LIMA{- -} on Wed Jan 02, 2013 7:22 am

I have this game on my pc and i saw MW2 and MW3 mods for this.
and i just play in zombie mode
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