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Post  trikz on Sat Sep 08, 2012 10:51 am

i have been playing this game for 3 months, its a cool Counter-Strike, just in 2D!
This game have many awesome gameplays!

Like a Star @ heaven All standard Gamemodes!
Like a Star @ heaven Zombie Gamemod
Like a Star @ heaven Capture the flag Gamemod
Like a Star @ heaven Escape Maps! (Only in online)
Like a Star @ heaven Domination Mod!
Like a Star @ heaven Call of duty Mods (only with lua scripts)

Like a Star @ heaven You can download.. SKINS!
Like a Star @ heaven Lua scripts!
Like a Star @ heaven Sounds!
Like a Star @ heaven Sprites!
Like a Star @ heaven Maps AND MORE!

Like a Star @ heaven Online Gameplay!
Like a Star @ heaven More than 300 servers for play!
Like a Star @ heaven more than 500 Clans, and communities!

Like a Star @ heaven Create YOUR OWN MAPS!
Counter-Strike 2D C1y13
Counter-Strike 2D R8PBk
Counter-Strike 2D 15tO7
Counter-Strike 2D WUoYs
Counter-Strike 2D PkRgi
Counter-Strike 2D FJMCd
Counter-Strike 2D UaP5w
Counter-Strike 2D WTCOA
Counter-Strike 2D JVrxL
CS2D: 16 MB

Release Date: 2003
More than 80,844 PEOPLE play this game!
dont trust me?, go here then:
Need Help? Click this spoiler

How i install Skins?

If you're going to install a weapon skin do this:

Go to your Counter-Strike 2D Folder > gfx > weapons

if you're going to install a player skin do this:

Go to your Counter-Strike 2D Folder > gfx > player

if you`re going to install a weapon sound:

Go to your Counter-Strike 2D Folder > sfx > weapons

and there u can keep installing more files.
My name ingame:
cZ» Ghost.RCT

Hope you enjoy this game much as i do, and play it all days
with me.
Thanks for Reading.
~ CSMWROCKS - cZ» Ghost.RCT.

EDIT: Here i have a MW2 weapons pack for CS2D:
Modernwarfare 2 Skins forum:
and another Modern Warfare 2 forum:

if u want to search more skins, just go to and write the thing you want to search in [search]

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Counter-Strike 2D Empty Re: Counter-Strike 2D

Post  Kenny on Sun Sep 09, 2012 1:07 pm


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