MW2 forum RULES! Read or face you darkest fear!

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MW2 forum RULES! Read or face you darkest fear!

Post  Sh0n3x on Sun Jun 06, 2010 12:43 pm

In order to keep this part of forum cleaner, but still with good skins, I decided to bring a couple of rules

1. If you did porting, rigging, texturing or something like that, you may post in MW2 releases 1 skin at the time.

2. If you only FOUND couple of skins somewhere (which is usually youtube) post them all in 1 thread, othewise I'll thrash you thread.

3. Whenever a better upload comes, I will the previous one. Example, someone uploads an m4 with dead frames, bad texture, no sounds, and then someone uploads with all that fixed, the previous thread will be trashed. But, be aware, that you MUST credit the original authors if you used their stuff.

4. Always credit people who contributed on your submission. You don't have to credit IW, the name of forum says who did the largest part xD

5. If you submit something, and then later can't find it, it has been trashed or moved to some other section. Skins that aren't NOT from MW2 I'll move to skinning section.

6. Post your screenshots please. That way people may check your sub right away instead of waiting to download.

Follow these simple rules and it will be fine.

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