Dynamuse Corp. TeamSpeak 3 Live Communication Server

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Dynamuse Corp. TeamSpeak 3 Live Communication Server

Post  cosme fulanito on Fri May 28, 2010 4:42 pm

Totalcrank just created a TeamSpeak3 live communication server (teamspeak.com)

In order to boost the dynamism around our beloved Dynamuse Corp. community so now we can get easely communicated speaking eachother and that way have a more dynamic experience around this great customization issue. Very Happy

This server is not for free, which means that it's paid (Totalcrank paid for it, or he's hackin' on it IDK xD) so i need you to be truly active into! Otherwise he(we) could permanently lost the ownership of this server.

The certain shit here is that we can now stablish live communication by chat and/or online real-time speaking.

All you'll need to do is download the TS3 Application right from here:
TeamSpeak 3.exe

And of course... you need to know the sever's IP address, which is this right here:

Things you will need:

- The TeamSpeak3 Application instaled and runnin on your sistem.
- The sever's IP address.
- A mic.
- A voice (or someone else's if you are mute man).
- Configurate The TS3, your sound sistem and micro.
- Stay as many time online as posible (oftenly active, in order to keep our server's ownership).

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